Smashers Epic Dino Egg Collectibles Series 3 Dino by ZURU


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Slime, fizz, and Smash! Your way through over 25 surprises inside to build the exclusive. Use the Scratch Map to excavate the Dino Egg to unearth compounds like the Fizzy Lava Bomb and Ice Age putty with hidden Smashers Dinosaur bones. Collect all the bones to start building one of 3 exclusive Smashers Dinosaurs! Inside each Epic Dino Egg, you all discover more surprises like Smash Eggs, digging tools and rebuilders. With access to Rare and Ultra Rare characters like the Skull Smashers, the smashing will never end! Smash your Smashers on the ground, to the wall or anywhere you can think and start building your Smashers collection today!

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